JJ on Outer Banks, in "Make Your Own Rules" t-shirt

Indiana Outlaw has been spotted on the Silver screen. That's right! A little birdie told us that our signature, "Make Your Own Rules" tee was worn by Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ on Netflix's Outer Banks.

JJ from Outer Banks Season 5

When Outer Banks Season 3 premiered on February 23rd, we were glued to the series, anxiously awaiting a possible glimpse of JJ in our tee. Finally Episode 5, "The Heist", gave us what we wanted, and more! Right away we saw JJ in a faded black tee with "make your own rules" on the front, and I let out the biggest scream! Not only was JJ wearing an Indiana Outlaw t-shirt, but he was a total badass, saving the "pogues" distracting the police with a dirt bike chase. We wont give away spoilers, but it was quite a site to see. 

Seeing our vintage revolver logo on the back of the t-shirt all throughout the episode, was absolutely surreal. JJ was the ultimate outlaw throughout the entire show. Catch a glimpse of JJ's "guns t-shirt" on www.netflix.com ... Outer banks, Season 3, episode 5: The Heist.

We're feeling pretty proud, and extremely grateful, to see such a unique, strong, confident, badass character sporting our duds! You wear it well JJ!

Pogues for life!


Indiana Outlaw